Launch Your Online Course Or Membership This Week

With This Exclusive AI & PLR Content Package

Dear friend,

As you know having your own online course or membership is one of the best ways to make an income online. But there is one major flaw with the online course business model…

Creating and launching your own course can take a lot of time and a lot of hard work. Especially if you’re new to this business. However, there are two major shortcuts to creating your own online course or membership and I’m going to combine them for epic results in this offer!

1. PLR (Private Label Rights Content) – Private Label Rights Content gives you the ability as the end user to take content created by someone else, change it, repackage it, and sell it as your own.

2. AI Content – With the use of AI tools like ChatGPT you can quickly summarize, change, and rewrite PLR content to make your own unique course or membership content.

However, there is one major problem with most PLR content. Most of it is junk, low quality, spun content. Making it more hassle than its worth. 

Today however…

I Want To Give You Access To Premium High Quality PLR So You Can Launch Your Online Course Or Membership This Week

That is why I have partnered with an expert coach to get you access to 10 of his premium programs with Private Label Rights! This means that you can take HIS high quality content, and sell it as YOUR Own. Meaning you could launch an online course, membership, or even a product funnel this week! But, I don’t like to play small. When I heard his offer I got excited so I decided to do some very special things to make it extremely worth while for you.

In addition to the 10 products he is giving you access to, I’m going to give you access to 5 of my own Premium products that I’ver personally created and give you PLR rights to sell them as your own.

 Now Imagine this… 

You grab these 15 products with private label rights

Pick your favorite one

Follow my special rewriting formula to rewrite the contents of that course to make your very own unique course

Set up the members area and sales page for the course

And put it up for sale as early as next week

How would it feel to have you course or membership launched next week? You could litterly start driving traffic to it and making sales next week!

So here is everything you will get with this offer:


Whats Included In This Offer

PLR Product 1 – A-Z How to Design and Create a Membership From Scratch

You can make this into a powerful online course and sell for up to $500!

PLR Product 2 – Easy Way to Create $3000 Course or Coaching Program

This program teaches how to create a $3000 course or coaching program. This would be a great course to sell for $297.

PLR Product 3 – How to Create an Amazing Breakthrough Offer

An amazing training you can sell as your own to teach your customers how to make an amazing breakthrough offer. Recommended to sell for $200.

PLR Product 4 – Create Your Lead Magnet and Webinar Registration Funnel

This program will teach your customers how to create a lead magnet and a webinar registration funnel. Recommended to sell for $197.

PLR Product 5 – Write an Amazing, Technical Sales Letter

This powerful deep training program goes under the hood into creating a deep technical print sales letter. Recommended to sell for $500.

PLR Product 6 – High Ticket Social System Lead Generation

Deep and advanced traffic methods for linkedin and some fb for generating high quality leads for high ticket sales. Recommended to sell for $197

PLR Product 7 – Plan Your Year Right: Goals and Implementation

Create a course that teaches your customers how to set goals and actually achieve them. Plus how to create a 90 day gameplan and Implement it. Recommended to sell for $197.

PLR Product 8 – Extreme Targeting for Avatars and Deep Messaging for Linkedin and Youtube

The More Deeply (and well) that you target, the more effective can be your marketing message. This program will teach your customers how to deeply target (you may not believe some of the things taught in this program) Recommended to sell for $197.

PLR Product 9 – Webinar Script From Scratch in Canva

Teach your customers how to script and create an entire webinar in Canva. Recommended to sell for $199.

PLR Product 10 – The COMPLETE Virtual Event Training Program.

Teach your customers at a deep level how to create a virtual event from scratch. Recommended to sell for $997.

This is 10 Amazing Cutting Edge Training Programs With PLR

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